Installing Apps On Windows 8

Windows 8 is a strange beast in a Windows world, because it’s radically different than its predecessors.  Its Start screen alone might be too scary for Windows users who prefer something much more traditional such as Windows XP.  These users have no idea, because Windows 8 not only looks different, it feels so different too.  Nonetheless, strangely enough there is something which Windows 8 might be able to relate to some of these users.  What I’m talking about is installing apps on Windows 8.  Yep, many users who do not dare to venture into another operating system, but these same users are properly switching to more advanced smartphone all the time.  Obviously, smartphones are famous for holding apps.  So, whoever thinks that apps are the absolute things that they must have, I guess installing apps on Windows 8 might not be so alien to them.  Anyhow, within the video right after the break, I introduce you to Windows 8 app world!  You’ll be surprised how easy it’s to install apps on Windows 8.  So, check it out and enjoy!!!

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