Open Source Blender Shines In Science Fiction “Tears Of Steel” Short Film

Blender Tutorial

Blender Tutorial (Photo credit: jcsizmadi)

Seen “Tears Of Steel” on Gizmodo first, couldn’t resist to embed it here on Essayboard.  This short film reconfirms the power of Open Source software.  Open Source software such as Apache, MySQL, Ubuntu, CentOS, and various others do make big differences for many computer users around the world.  This time, Open Source Blender software is under the spotlight.  Short film “Tears Of Steel” was a Blender project and realized by group of people who used crowd-funding power to make it happened.  Although the project wasn’t anywhere near Hollywood budget, but the short film shines with Open Source Blender software.  Watching short film like this does inspire me to take a look at Blender again.  Blender is free to download and use!  Anyhow, enough with my gibberish, you should check out the the short film “Tears of Steel” right after the break.  You can read the official description of the video on YouTube.  To go directly to YouTube to watch the video, just click on the YouTube logo which appears on the bottom right of the video.

Afterthought:  This is why PC isn’t dead, because as now the only way to create beautiful work such as “Tears of Steel” has to be on PC still.  Will this change?  Don’t know, but PC is still here.  With PC, normal people (i.e., not the professionals) have the power to be inspired.  So, tablet and smartphone form factors are only going to make PC even more popular; these small form factors define the obvious differences between on-the-go devices and powerful stationary devices.  Anyhow, be inspired and long live the PC!  I won’t say this if one day a small sugar cube like form factor can transform into full sized hologram PC…


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