By Announcing The Surface, Living Room Experience Warfare Builds Up Nicely For Microsoft! What Will Apple Do?

The web is buzzing about Microsoft’s newest tablet, and this one is special since Microsoft specifically made sure it would turn out the way it is now and how this one will carry Microsoft Windows 8 logo.  Instead of just worrying about the software that goes inside the newest Microsoft tablet known as Surface, the Surface itself had been molded and crafted by Microsoft to carry a kickback stand and a smart cover of which can unfold into a keyboard.  The cover/keyboard comes in many colors.

People are already comparing Microsoft’s Surface against iPad.  Personally, I have iPad 2 but I rarely use it.  How come?  iPad 2 feels like a bigger iPhone to me (but unable to make phone calls), and I’m already bored with the iOS ecosystem.  If there isn’t a Windows 8 for tablets and smart phones, I definitely won’t even think about being bored with iOS ecosystem.  Luckily, there is Windows 8 ecosystem, and so let the fun begin?  Personally, I think Windows 8 does look better on tablets and smart phones than any other mobile platform (i.e., Android, iOS).  Functionality though, I’m not sure since I have yet to own a Windows 8 device.

Microsoft has always had trouble in making an impact in the tablet market.  Instead of being hot, Microsoft had been a dinosaur since people like to think Microsoft as a giant software company for PC (i.e., not for mobile devices).  PC isn’t dead, and I think people who think PC is dead is too arrogant!!!  Nonetheless, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones have definitely made Apple and Samsung (and few other well known mobile manufacturers) more relevant and wealthier than traditional PC makers.  If Microsoft delays to not thinking forward, the company’s image might become irrelevant and eventually the negative image will smear the company’s profitability.  After all, thinking forward in modern electronic warfare has to be about mobility, hence the tablets and smart phones.

This time around, I think Microsoft is really smart by pushing out its own tablet.  By making a super awesome tablet, whether it’s an iPad killer or not, Microsoft basically pushes the rears of the companies that are trying to produce tablets for Windows 8 against an avalanche.  They have to either come out better tablets than the Surface or else the tablet market will become evermore less competitive since the challengers against Apple would only be Microsoft and few other well known tablet makers.  As now though, with the Surface, I think only Microsoft can truly challenge Apple’s iPad, because the Surface is so sleek and thin even though it has a keyboard which can also turn into a removable tablet cover.  With that being said, I think other tablet makers will push harder to be even more impressive than the Surface.  What hope of killing iPad if they can’t even touch the Surface, right?  Microsoft probably knows this and doesn’t really care if other tablet makers can make better Windows 8 tablets, because Microsoft’s main goal is to grow the Windows 8 adoption!  Perhaps, the Surface is only a challenge for Windows 8 tablet makers, and this challenge can flood the tablet market with Windows 8 tablets.  Microsoft depends on the vibrant Windows 8 tablet market and not anything else!!!

How come I think the Surface can challenge iPad?  The video right after the break shows why… and I think… it’s all about the ingenuity of how Microsoft had incorporated the colorful keyboard/cover into a really sleek tablet and yet allowing the tablet to remain super thin.  Plus, the Surface looks really sleek (i.e., the hardware is thin and gorgeous).  Have I already mentioned how Windows 8 does look more fitting on a tablet than any other mobile platforms?  I think I did, but let me say this again, Windows 8 is probably more fashionable than other mobile platforms that favor a mesh of tiny app icon mess.

Microsoft announcement of Smartglass app few weeks ago was definitely a plus for the Surface!  Microsoft probably had envisioned that people will use the Surface in conjunction with Smartglass, therefore Smartglass app will tie the Surface into the ecosystem of Xbox 360 or Xbox upcoming iterations.  Microsoft’s not so hidden agenda is probably having the Surface in as many living rooms as possible, because it will accompany Xbox (e.g., 360, upcoming iterations).  This way, Microsoft will become evermore relevant than Apple would have like.  I think Apple should fear of how people may think whenever they need a tablet they need to have the Surface, because the Surface allows users to unifying their living room entertainment experience.  Xbox iterations will be the only go to set top boxes, and these Xbox machines can too play real hardcore games.  The Surface will use Smartglass app to enhance the set top box and game experiences.  Nonetheless, there is rumor out there that Apple is literally trying to produce something that may change the whole TV experience.  Perhaps, Apple is literally making a TV?  If Apple can do it, Microsoft won’t be the only one who will change the living room experience for the better!

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