Will Robotic Industry Be The Next Biggest Thing To Come? Perhaps, Robotic Industry Would Be A Natural Evolution Of Computing Industry?


robots (Photo credit: milky.way)

Perhaps Mr. Dmitry Grishin is lightyear ahead of things to come, because he is betting on that the robotic industry will be the next biggest thing to come by creating a $25 million robotic fund — Not Science Fiction Anymore: Mail.ru’s Dmitry Grishin Launches $25M Robotics Fund.  The fund would be headquartered in New York.  Personally, I think he is right, but it will be some years before people will see the same thing.

I love to envision that in the future, a robot would either attach to or transform into — a car — or follow you into a car, and when you need something to be done the robot would be happily slaved away to help get things done for you.  I’m sure in the future, a robot will look back and read my post and have me condemned for using the words slaved and robot together, but let hope by then I’ll be long gone — old age kind of thing.  In fact, I think in the future, a car itself is also already a type of a robot, and other types of robots will be busied with designated tasks to free up even more time for humans to dawdle.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2012/06/15/not-science-fiction-anymore-mail-rus-dmitry-grishin-launches-25m-robotics-fund/

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