Human Arrogance May Cost Us Our Dear Civilizations; To Not Explore Is To Stem A Growth Of Any Sort!

Description: Trees were knocked down and burne...

Description: Trees were knocked down and burned over hundreds of square km by the Tunguska meteoroid impact. Note: This image is public domain, from the Leonid Kulik expedition in 1927 Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Story like the report of Huge Asteroid to Fly by Earth Thursday: How to Watch Online reminds us that complacency can be a death knell of humankind civilizations.  What might be worse would be that us so called modern humans may have the ingenuity to come up with methods to evade a space rock that might end all humankind civilizations, but a solution might never come about until too late!  It will happen if us humans tend to be complacent and think that the invincibility of humanity would always prevail.

Perhaps we thought we had survived few events where space rocks actually had entered our earth atmospheres, therefore we should be evermore complacent and moot about this sort of events.  Remember the Tunguska event?  Many of us who are busied with making a living and make way in society, therefore we might never allow ourselves the time to think about something that might end us all.  Nonetheless, have we ever wondered a scenario of a space rock that is big and dangerous enough which might threaten the survival of all earthly civilizations is heading this way?  Have we thought about if this space rock is so big to a point that we cannot use any of our weapons and tools to deflect it?

I fear that we humans might not be able to come up with a solution that is capable of pushing a space rock with the size of a city out of earth’s orbit, therefore we humans must think up ways to ensure the survival of humankind.  Let not be too arrogant and think that our innovations can solve all problems, because there might be problems that just too big and too ugly for humans to take on.  Don’t wait till at the very late stage when we finally realize that the space rock that might end us all won’t budge even if we use all our tools and weapons to deny its earthly collision course, because then it would be too late, too too late to do anything about it… all because of human arrogance?  This is why it’s crucial for space programs to be expanded and not to be scuttle away.

Expanding space programs might allow humans to be able to cultivate another space body to the point that humans can settle there, and this will too allow humankind to have an insurance of sort — an insurance of which to protect human civilizations from humankind extinction.  We see animal kingdom’s extinctions all the time, and don’t think for a second that humans are immune to this sort of extinction.  Another advantage of expanding space programs is to allow a future where prosperity can only grow but not shrink, because within deep space we might find plenty of resources that we need and other exotic resources that we may need.  Us humans never know there might be some types of resources that lay in space, waiting to be discovered, and such resources might be potent enough to drive human innovations even further than our very own hopes and imaginations.  Thus too our civilizations will prosper and grow like we have never seen before!!!

Without explorations of the past, we would not have been where we are today.  Within space, uncharted territories are countless, and by promoting and cultivating bolder, bigger, better, and gutsier kind of space programs — we humans might see humankind civilizations to have an almost eternal lifespan.  Sure, nothing will last forever, but why not let us dare to hope and try to cultivate our humankind civilizations to last as long as we can, right?

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