Ways To Stay Safe When Connecting To The Internet!!!

A University of Salford exhibition at the Manc...

A University of Salford exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival will follow in the footsteps of Monty Python by asking: “What has the Internet has ever done for us?” The Family Telecommunications Exhibition is showing this weekend and features a collection of artefacts and demonstrations including the Morse telegraph, telephones, mobile phones, home computers, the Internet and much more. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout the years, I have came to be very paranoid about how should I protect myself from the bad things that harbor along with the good things on the Internet.  It is never easy to weed out the bad things from the good things, therefore I always on the lookout for newer and better technology to protect myself from all Internet bad things.  To tell the truth, I don’t have anything to protect other than my online financial activities just like everybody does nowadays…  Banking nowadays can be done easily online, but sometimes the insecurity of doing it online can be even more stressful than doing it the traditional way — but nobody is sure that traditional way is anyway safer than banking online… get it?  Anyhow, since I’m so paranoid about online security over the years, to a great discomfort of mine, I think I have knew several ways to stay safe from strangers’ prying eyes when connecting to the Internet.  Of course, there are countless ways to skin this cat, and it’s an ongoing thing, but I have simply pooled the easiest and the most necessary ways that one can stay safe when connecting to the Internet into a video.  I hope this will help anybody who needs some guidance on how to stay safe when connecting to the Internet.  Also, this video will be something that I will gladly tell the people I know in real life who are very much ignorant about their online safety.  The video will prevent me from giving a long boring lecture, because it will be the boring lecture instead of me — avoid the wrath of the people who if ever need my help on online security.  So, if you need any guidance on staying secure when connecting to the Internet, why not check out my video right after the break.  Enjoy!

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