Check Out The Assembly Process Of The Motherboards

labeled diagram of Acer E360 Socket 939 mother...

labeled diagram of Acer E360 Socket 939 motherboard by Foxconn (labels in English). Compare the previous image: :Image:ASRock_K7VT4A_Pro_Mainboard_Labeled_English.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, when you visit YouTube and right away a video begs for your attention, and the one which I’m going to share with you within this blog post is exactly that.  The title for the video is a bit misleading, because you won’t be able to make a motherboard even if you actually watch the whole video.  Nonetheless, the title goes “How to make a Motherboard – A GIGABYTE Factory Tour Video.”  I must warn you though, the speaker for the video had a strong accent, and so it was hard for me to actually understand him as I tried to watch the video.  Luckily, the video itself is well done as it shows the motherboards go through orderly steps of being manufactured (i.e., how the motherboards are pieced together by machines and humans).  Even though the video was uploaded around two years ago, it was quite interesting for me (and probably you too) to be able to see how the motherboards were assembled.  Today motherboards are probably being assembled in similar manners!  Enough with the rant from me, check out the video right after the break and enjoy!


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