How To Allow Windows 7 To Automatically Restart Programs Automatically

Windows logo

Windows logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, certain programs that are configured to boot up right after  Windows had booted up might fail to start for unknown, strange reasons, and so some of us might have to dig into Windows and find the programs to start them manually.  Of course, if even manually starting can’t get these programs up and running, then there might be bigger problems at hand to worry about then just starting these programs manually.  Nonetheless, what if these programs only throw a tantrum once or twice in a month or even a year, then perhaps the problems might lie elsewhere within Windows.  With this in mind, some us might want to have Windows restarts these programs automatically after the failed start, but how are we going to automate this process?  No worry, you don’t have to install any third party software or doing anything that is going to cost you money, because Windows 7 comes with backend/administrator tool which allows you to do just this!  So, check out the video right after the break to see the instruction on how to allow Windows to automatically restart programs when such programs fail to start when they suppose to (i.e., right after the first boot up or a restart of Windows 7).

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