Check Out How Level 50s Roll In Star Wars The Old Republic Video Game

Level 50 is the highest level of a toon a gamer can achieve in Star Wars The Old Republic, well at least for now.  You never know when they will expand the level cap for a toon and game content.  Anyhow, even at level 50, a gamer’s toon still have a lot of things to do in Star Wars The Old Republic.  A gamer’s toon can go PvP (Player versus Player), get better PvP gears, farming for credits, farming for better PvE gears, get rare in game items, crafting, and so on.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break which I made on how my level 50 DPS (damage per second) sage actually rolls sometimes in Star Wars The Old Republic.  I hope you enjoy it!


Summer In February! Weather Is Truly Unpredictable As It Has Always Been!

I guess this isn’t your typical EssayBoard technology blog post, but I have to say, what is going on with the weather in Atlanta?  Yes, I’m residing in ATL, and it’s so warm in ATL that for a moment it has me believe that I’m experiencing a cool summer in February.  As this writing, my area is experiencing strong wind, but the temperature in the air is about 70 degree.  Go summer?  Even though it’s February?

Bandwidth Cap Is Bad For Data In The Cloud

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We know data in the cloud might be a good idea, but there are few hesitations come to mind that make data in the cloud a good idea but not practical.  We know data in the cloud might be subjected to security risk, losing one’s right to data (you never know), and bandwidth limitation!  The other two are obvious, but let me focus on the last which is even more obvious.  Yes, bandwidth is what making data in the cloud for average users a good idea but not practical.  Home users, not enterprise users, are facing data caps from their ISPs.  Many ISPs are so gung-ho in capping home users’ bandwidth around 100 Gigabyte to 250 Gigabyte range.  Sure, 100 GB to 250 GB range sounds like a lot, but believe me it’s not if home users decide to backup their huge 650 GB to 2 Terabyte worth of data onto the cloud!  It’s now obvious that data in the cloud is simply not a computing tool/solution for everyday folks, isn’t it?

Let See Pixelmator In Action On Macbook Pro

PixelmatorI’ve been using Pixelmator quite infrequently, because I don’t have that many photos to edit.  Nonetheless, every time I have had to use Pixelmator to edit a photo, I’ve never regretted one bit.  Pixelmator is an amazing, easy to use photo editing software for Mac.  I’ve found it easy to understand and intuitive.  Another plus thing about Pixelmator is that it’s so affordable.  Instead of costing an arm and a leg, at we speak Pixelmator is only around $30.  On the contrary, Photoshop is way more expensive.  But there is Gimp, you say!  Sure, Gimp is FREE and might be even more powerful than Pixelmator, but Gimp is not for the beginners.  I think whoever has just invited himself or herself into the world of photo editing, he or she might find Gimp to be a little intimidating, but Pixelmator is probably going to be a lot nicer to these folks.  Oh, of course if you don’t have a Mac, Pixelmator might cost you more than an arm and a leg, because you have to get a Mac first!  Anyhow, I’ve made a video which you can watch right after the break, and this video introduces and allows you to see Pixelmator in action.  The things that are included in this video are the introductions to several Pixelmator filters, tools, layer, layer mask feature, export feature, and other features.  I hope you will be able to enjoy the video on Pixelmator right after the break!

When It Does Come Down To Size, Samsung Is Huge Indeed (Employing 160,000 Employees); When It Does Come Down To Products, Even Making Tanks Is Part Of The Routines

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Samsung has got a lot headlines lately, because it has been sued by Apple in many parts of the world in regarding to smartphone patents.  Anyhow, Cnet made a video on Samsung’s history.  It is an intriguing video, because it points out how large Samsung has become.  Did you know, besides the making of awesome smartphones that Apple loathes, Samsung made so many things that even a tank was a Samsung product?  Come to think of it, my modern refrigerator is a Samsung.  By the way, Samsung is not only big in brand, but it’s also big in size.  According to the Cnet video below, Samsung employs just about 160,000 employees.  Indeed, Apple is picking on somebody Apple’s own size!


Lab-grown Meats Push Ahead, Netherlands’ Scientists To Showcase Burger Made From Lab-grown Meat


Meat (Photo credit: Divine Harvester)

As time goes on, world population is going to grow even larger, therefore the demand for foods will have to be even more vicious.  This notion along with other notions such as the explosion of livestock would produce higher amount of methane gas in the atmosphere and fast-track the global warming have scientists in Netherlands produce cow meats in lab.  According to Guardian, Dr. Mark Post, head of physiology at Maastricht University, plans to showcase a burger made from lab-grown meat.  The problem is that it is going to cost around £200,000 to produce a burger with lab-grown meat.  So, the people who cannot take the idea of having to see lab-grown meats to be sold in supermarkets, at least the super-expensive process of making lab-grown meats can assure these folks that they won’t see lab-grown meats in their supermarkets anytime soon.  My question to you is, to eat or not to eat lab-grown meats?