Downloading Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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People can now download Windows 8 Consumer Preview and install this onto VirtualBox virtual machines to test and experience what Windows 8 has to offer.  Rumors have that Windows 8 might be due for an official release in upcoming holiday, but which holiday?  The truth is, we can expect Windows 8 to be released this year, and so you don’t have to cross your fingers for this!

Anyhow, the consumer preview version of Windows 8 might be the closest thing to the official release versions of Windows 8 so far, therefore it might be a good idea for everyday folks to just use VirtualBox to test it out beforehand so they can make a wise decision in regarding to upgrade to Windows 8 from their Windows 7.  The download link is at

After downloading the ISO, you also need to copy down the product key, because you will need it to install Windows 8 consumer preview version onto a VirtualBox virtual machine.  Meanwhile, if you don’t have VirtualBox yet, you need to grab this also.  Go to Google, type in VirtualBox and you will see how to download it!  Enjoy!

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