Let See Pixelmator In Action On Macbook Pro

PixelmatorI’ve been using Pixelmator quite infrequently, because I don’t have that many photos to edit.  Nonetheless, every time I have had to use Pixelmator to edit a photo, I’ve never regretted one bit.  Pixelmator is an amazing, easy to use photo editing software for Mac.  I’ve found it easy to understand and intuitive.  Another plus thing about Pixelmator is that it’s so affordable.  Instead of costing an arm and a leg, at we speak Pixelmator is only around $30.  On the contrary, Photoshop is way more expensive.  But there is Gimp, you say!  Sure, Gimp is FREE and might be even more powerful than Pixelmator, but Gimp is not for the beginners.  I think whoever has just invited himself or herself into the world of photo editing, he or she might find Gimp to be a little intimidating, but Pixelmator is probably going to be a lot nicer to these folks.  Oh, of course if you don’t have a Mac, Pixelmator might cost you more than an arm and a leg, because you have to get a Mac first!  Anyhow, I’ve made a video which you can watch right after the break, and this video introduces and allows you to see Pixelmator in action.  The things that are included in this video are the introductions to several Pixelmator filters, tools, layer, layer mask feature, export feature, and other features.  I hope you will be able to enjoy the video on Pixelmator right after the break!


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