Photo Journalist Found His Videos Deleted On Purpose By Police

Politics is dangerous and sometimes downright ugly!  People can be killed or jailed or even framed by politics, and nobody would know a damn thing better!  Anyhow, sometimes journalists might not have a choice, because their jobs are to report what people want to know.  A photo journalist, Carlos Miller, found out he was arrested for doing his job, but what worse was that his journalistic materials such as the videos he recorded on the day he was arrested in Miami were deleted by the police.  Carlos Miller was at Miami Occupy protesting event, and he was arrested for being there.  Nonetheless, Carlos Miller has had successfully recovering some deleted parts of the deleted videos of his.  He is trying to sue the police department or something like that.  Do you think he has a chance of winning in court?  Do you think his rights have been violated?  Check out the source for further details!



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