According To Gizmodo, iPhone Bug Allows You To Be Spied On Unintentionally

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Don’t ask me, but I’m not too clear on how one man’s iMessages has got onto another iPhone which clearly belonged to someone else, consequently allowing a stranger to basically see every single iMessage text which had been sent from this man.  This story is being reported by Gizmodo.  Gizmodo suggested there was a bug in relation to how Genius Bar technicians proceed in swapping SIM card somehow to fix an iPhone, but the end result was the tethering of the iMessage data of a SIM card onto the iPhone which it wasn’t belonged to.  Somewhat unclear of how the bug actually had happened, but this whole mess has allowed one iPhone owner to unintentionally see every iMessage text of another iPhone owner.  Gizmodo went as far as posting some pictures and iMessages of the man who got spied on unintentionally.


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