Don’t Condemn Google’s Altruistic, Profitable Business Model For Piracy! Just Admit That You’re Jealous Of The Internet!

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator)

Image by Aray Chen via Flickr

Forbes’ The Real Reasons Google Killed SOPA/PIPA article suggests Google is the biggest pirate ever.  So, they claim Google copies the whole Internet.  This is so incorrect!  Google is merely a GPS for the web!  If you want to go somewhere on the Internet, you don’t really have to use Google.  Nonetheless, if you’re really lost, you might need Google to point the way to the right destination.  We call this Google Search.  How about Bing?  Bing is doing the same thing!

OK, so you might argue that Google Reader is copying the entire contents of all online news websites, but you’re so wrong!  Google Reader is only using RSS technology where these news websites are actually voluntarily pushing out their news feeds through RSS technology.  If they don’t want countless Google Reader users to be able to find their news feeds, then they should stop using RSS technology.  It’s just that simple, really!

Now, if you’re still bitter and trying to point out to all of us that YouTube is the biggest pirate of them all.  Then you are probably trying to condemn millions of YouTube users for piracy!  In the reality, YouTube users are creating and pushing their own contents onto YouTube.  User generated contents are not pirate-like contents!  Plus, I might be wrong but I think fair use law allows YouTube users to use certain copyrighted contents within certain limitations without the requirement of acquiring permissions from the copyright holders.  In this context, YouTube users aren’t doing anything wrong.  Of course, there always will be some bad apples among many other apples that reside in the same bucket of apples, and so some YouTube users might be brazenly uploaded copyright materials that are outright infringing on the rights of copyright holders.  Nonetheless, in such cases YouTube usually takes these contents down in a timely manner.

Don’t get me going on why Google Plus isn’t wrong!  Just take a look at Facebook, and you know why Google Plus isn’t wrong!  If you think Google Plus is wrong, then Facebook is just as guilty as Google!  While at it, why don’t you condemn hundred millions of Facebook users and then millions more of Google Plus users too on being pirates?  You see, it’s you against the whole world.  Google, Facebook, and the rest of the major players on the Internet are possible, because the whole world is using them!  In a sense, the whole world is being condemned by you when you say Google is the biggest pirate!  I can rant on, but I rest my case.  It’s so obvious that I think it’s rather mind boggling and pointless and idiotic that I have to even try to defend Google when Google clearly does not even need me to do so.  Nonetheless, common sense makes me do so!

Personal Note:

  • I did not mention other Google services since Google has a huge list of FREE services that would add pages to my single blog post.
  • Hundred millions of users are obviously being so beneficial to have being able to use Google services freely without being charged for any fee!  
  • Not only Google Search, but Google Gmail is so necessary.  I know, because I use Gmail everyday!
  • Google Adsense and Adwords are perfectly making sense!  If someone thinks Google is doing something wrong by placing ads on their search engine, then I think such a person isn’t making sense.  It’s like somebody tries to tell you how you should decorate your own house!  
  • It’s also making sense that Google has to make money to keep pushing out useful, free services.  
  • It’s OK for the whole Internet to display ads! 

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