What About CrashPlan?


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CrashPlan is one of those very flexible backup solutions for regular users I have seen in years.  Best of all, it’s easy to use and free.  Of course, CrashPlan free version has less features than paid version.  Paid version of CrashPlan has around three different paid plans.  One of those paid plans caught my eyes is the family plan where CrashPlan allows you to backup the data of 2 to 10 computers to unlimited online storage known as CrashPlan Central.  Other features are incremental/differential backup, supporting three major computing platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), allowing to add multiple backup sets, email, chat, and phone supports, and much more.  At now, CrashPlan 10 GB online storage + unlimited local storage plan costs about $24.99/year or $1.50/month for one computer; unlimited online storage + unlimited local storage for one computer plan costs about $49.99/year or $3.00/month; unlimited online storage + unlimited local storage for 2 to 10 computers plan costs about $119.99/year or $6.00/month.

Anyhow, I’m trying out CrashPlan myself and I think it will be my permanent backup solution.  CrashPlan allows you to try its paid version for 30 days without being charged.  If users don’t pay CrashPlan after 30 days, CrashPlan will automatically switch users to free plan.  By the way, CrashPlan will not ask for your credit card until you actually purchase a CrashPlan paid plan.  So, I’m using CrashPlan’s 30 day trial period version (of a paid version) at the moment without having to give up my credit card number to CrashPlan just yet.  Nonetheless, I think CrashPlan had me, because after 30 days I might want to pay up for a paid plan.  In case you’re still curious about CrashPlan, why don’t you check out the video I made on CrashPlan right after the break?  Enjoy!

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