How To Enable Guest Additions For PC BSD 9 Guest Virtual Machine Under VirtualBox

Image Copyright By Vinh Nguyen

PC BSD 9 just came out.  Users who want to install PC BSD 9 as a VirtualBox guest virtual machine might not know how to install VirtualBox guest additions.  Well, this post is going to show you how to do just that!  Before we get going, you must know that you have to obtain Ports Collection.  Usually, you can obtain Ports Collection by allowing the installation of PC BSD 9 to automatically do that for you.  If you haven’t done so, then you must look up through Google for how to manually obtain Ports Collection for PC BSD 9.

You should open up a terminal and become root.

  1. Type the command [cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions && make install clean]
  2. Type the command [nano /etc/rc.conf]
  3. Add the two lines below into /etc/rc.conf file
    1. vboxguest_enable=”YES”
    2. vboxservice_enable=”YES”
  4. Use Ctrl+X  to save the file and exit nano editor
  5. Open up PCBSD Control Panel
  6. Open up Display
  7. Choose General tab.  Make sure you choose the new video driver as vboxvideo.  Pick the right screen resolution.  Choose Advanced tab and check the box that says Monitor Settings.  Click Apply to save everything.

When your machine is done with its rebooting, you should now be able to see PC BSD 9 enters the correct screen resolution by using VirtualBox guest additions.  Also, if you still see a problem, I think you should use right Ctrl + F to enter fullscreen mode, and if fullscreen mode is at the right screen resolution, then you know VirtualBox guest additions is working for PC BSD 9.

Lastly, you should learn how to use Ports Collection to install additional software that PC BSD 9’s AppCafe might not carry.  Of course, you can always use AppCafe to install whatever is available inside AppCafe.

PC BSD 9 enables firewall by default.  Nonetheless, you should go into PCBSD Control Panel > Firewall Manager and configure it to your own liking.  Make sure you do not allow any incoming connection even though some incoming connections might be enabled by default under the Exceptions tab.  Well, that was how it was done by me.  You might do it differently with your firewall!

I can go on forever, but this post is specifically addressing the installation of VirtualBox guest additions for PC BSD 9 VirtualBox guest virtual machine.  So, let me end this here, and good luck to you in installing guest additions for PC BSD 9 under VirtualBox.


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