WordPress Encourages Millions Of WordPress Members To Make Stance Against SOPA

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WordPress is a gigantic free blog service which allows roughly around 60 millions of people to blog freely.  According to TheNextWeb.com, WordPress has announced that it is against SOPA and PIPA.  WordPress even encourages its members to take actions against SOPA.  Perhaps, by that WordPress means its members should contact local representatives and state senators?  I don’t know much about PIPA, but I’d written extensively on how I’m against SOPA in previous blog posts of mine.  Anyhow, WordPress is truly huge, and with WordPress encourages its users to make a stance against SOPA, we can somewhat feel the movement against SOPA keeps on growing stronger.

Reddit is another popular web service which declares that they will shut down their web service for 12 hours just to protest against SOPA.  The Reddit website will go dark on January 18 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  For your information, Reddit allows people to collectively and socially discuss, submit, and vote on headlines that they feel most important to them.

Some people suggest that to make SOPA truly dead, Google and Facebook must too support Reddit by going dark and placing links on members’ profiles to encourage members to contact their local representatives and state senators to protest against SOPA.  I think these people are making sense, because Google and Facebook are so popular that the protests from these two companies might create a real backlash against SOPA, putting a stop to SOPA effectively.  Obviously, Google and Facebook might lose a lot of money by just shutting down their websites for 12 hours.

I hope more people will speak up against SOPA!  WordPress users who support to put a stop to SOPA should write blogs to inform their blog readers why SOPA is downright ugly for the Internet.  You might not know, but EssayBoard is using WordPress, and now is even more proud of WordPress since WordPress has made a stance against SOPA.  WordPress is awesome!  For your information, besides providing free blog service, WordPress also provides free blogging software which you can download and install onto your web servers freely.


4 thoughts on “WordPress Encourages Millions Of WordPress Members To Make Stance Against SOPA

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  2. My decision to take a stand against SOPA has more to do with my liberties being violated than WordPress although I use WordPress as a forum to express myself.

    As you may very well know, the liberties of Americans and people the world over are under attack by the New World Order elites.

    To ignore this threat among others would be to our own detriment.

    Great post.

    • I’m not sure about we’re being attacked by New World Order elites, because I have no knowledge into such thing. Perhaps, I might go as far as saying such idea is of conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, I do praise your far farsightedness on the matter how SOPA might destroy some rights of yours in regarding to the Internet. Perhaps, SOPA might encourage even further rules and regulations that might be even more detrimental to the whole Internet. In the end, I think if the owners of copyright materials want to fight for their copyrights, they should bring individuals who violate their copyrights to court, and only court case by court case basis would ensure and insure the type of justice that actually render real resolutions as in carrying out each court case with prudent. Blanket approaches such as SOPA can only encourage massive injustices by accidents or carelessness.

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