Interesting Day In Tech: File Sharing Become A Religion; Tobii Gazes For Windows 8 (Video); Windows 8 Refreshing; Broadcom 802.11ac; Hovering Car Racetrack (Video); Internet Isn’t A Human Right

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What an interesting day in regarding to my daily tech news digestion.  Let start out with the strangest but yet so they claimed holy.  PCMag reports Sweden Formally Recognizes File-Sharing as a Religion, and I wonder how the folks who are out to condemn the file sharers would feel about their worst nightmare has now had a religion to call home?  What if this religion is really going to spread like how other major religions do, what then?  Why is there a possibility for this religion to be spread wide and far?  File sharing is a technology foremost!  Just like any other technological tool, file sharing can be used for good or evil.  With that being said, file sharing is extremely important for many people in our modern time.  People are using file sharing technology to share education contents, and these educational contents can be in many forms.  Furthermore, people are using file sharing to legally share free software, pictures, and many other types of contents.  It’s clear this religion is speaking to the folks who think file sharing is truly holy.  I think one has to truly look at file sharing through case by case basis and make a sound judgement which is relevant to our current common sense and values, or else it’s just truly another religious fanatic kind of thing.  I couldn’t help but wonder will there be more specific areas of modern technology that will be recognized as religions of the future?

Next we have Engadget reports Tobii Gazes into the future, sees you navigating Windows 8 with your eyes (video), and so it seems that we might be able to use our eyes to navigate the Internet, local files and folders, and playing games on our computers that run Windows 8.  The folks behind this technology boast that it will be much more efficient and intuitive to use Tobii Gazes than anything else.  They claim by using Tobii Gazes, you can open up web links easier than using our fat fingers for touch (i.e., touching a web link with a finger to open it).  They claim the mouse (mouse pointer) is efficient to open up web links, but it will be clumsy for other things on Windows 8 since Windows 8 is designed for touch.  They think Tobii Gazes is better than a mouse at navigating Windows 8.  I’ve noticed a commenter on Engadget mentioned that it might be faster for navigating Windows 8 by using Tobii Gazes, because the eyes could see things faster than how the mouse would move.  Tobii Gazes allows the eyes to interact with the computer easily, therefore the commenter might has a point.  Nonetheless, we have to wait and see, because old habit might be hard to quit!  Check out the Tobii Gazes introduction video right after the break.

Next we have Windows 8 promises to allow users to be able to refresh their computer.  Cnet reports Windows 8 will refresh your PC without losing your data.  I think this feature is awesome.  What this feature does is to reinstall Windows 8 for your computer, but it also allows you to be able to keep original Windows 8 Metro apps and personal data right after.  Unfortunately, this refresh feature cannot retain your original desktop applications.  Cnet suggests refresh feature for Windows 8 might be the best first option to address a Windows 8 system that gets wacky.  Windows 8 refresh process is automatic, because you might not have to intervene to have your Windows 8 system be refreshing.  One has to wonder how long Windows 8 refresh process will take, because it might not make much sense if the refresh process is going to take longer than just reinstalling Windows 8 and restoring the backup data.  I guess we have to wait and see.  Windows 8 is said to be released in the first quarter of this year, but I don’t know the exact date!

Let us get on with the next technological wonder of the day.  Cnet reports Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips hit CES 2012.  Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips are faster than what we have now.  In fact, Cnet suggests that Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips will be six times faster than 802.11n type of chips.  Furthermore, Cnet suggests the new chips are going to be more efficient in term of power usage.  This is good news indeed, because faster Wi-Fi means we will have faster content streaming and faster data transfers.

Check out this cool hovering car racetrack video!  According to’s article Hovering car racetrack apparently not as real as we want it to be, the video which demonstrates a hovering car racetrack has an illusive quality — it might not be real!  Coolest-gadgets suggests the video of the hovering car racetrack was doctored with computer graphic effects.  I can’t even tell if the video is fake or real, because it’s so real.  Well, I guess it’s up to you to determine if the video is real or not, but the hovering car racetrack is real or not is totally another matter (you never know someone might be able to create such a thing for real).  So, check out the cool hovering car racetrack video right after the break and hope that it’s real.

Finally, the last interesting bit of the post is about one of the founding fathers of the Internet claims that the Internet isn’t a human right!  Gizmodo reports Father of the Internet: The Internet Isn’t a Human Right.  What do you think?  I think Vint Cerf truly has a point.  Unfortunately, I think his point is only making sense if you live in the future.  The future where the Internet might be a thing of the past.  Right now, I feel Internet is so important, important enough to call it a human right.  Internet is so important that several countries feel compelling enough to either promote the Internet as free for all or firewall up the Internet in their own images.  You never know some countries might ban the Internet entirely.  Internet is so important that companies such as Google make billions of dollars each year on the Internet.  I have a feeling that before modern babies could walk, they might already know what the Internet is (don’t take this sentence too literally).  The Internet is the enabler of file sharing and the illegal downloading of copyright contents, therefore there are folks who certainly feel the Internet is threatening their livelihoods that they support the movement of wanting to pass the bill known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).  Come to think of it, whether the Internet is with the light or the dark side, Internet seems to be in everyone’s hair.  I guess Internet is that important to be considered as a human right, for now.



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