Netflix Airs Own TV Show, Lilyhammer; Might Air House of Cards Late This Year

Netflix Roadshow 004

Image by RahulG. via Flickr

Update:  Before you go on reading the rest, please read this correction.  Netflix will air Lilyhammer show next month.  If you check out Lilyhammer on Netflix now, the show will not be available.  I guess, until next month then.

Forbes reports Netlfix airs its own original show Lilyhammer.  The shows is about a mobster who got shipped to Norway, because he entered a witness protection program.  From watching the trailer, I think the show is along the category of mix elements of crime and comedy.  Nonetheless, I don’t really know since I haven’t watched the show yet even though I have Netflix account.  I’ll be checking out the show soon.

As long Netflix can launch more original shows, I think Netflix will be a force to be reckoned with.  Unfortunately, I think Netflix will always be held hostage to Internet Service Providers, because they actually have to rely on the networks of Internet Service Providers to deliver the contents.  It’s understandable that several big Internet Service Providers are also providing their own TV programs.  The conflicts between Netflix and big Internet Service Providers are bound to happen and continuing to happen as things are that obvious between them.

Netflix might want to try to launch satellites of their own to partly break free from Internet Service Providers.  You never know if the big Internet Service Providers decide to become unreasonable.  Also, you never know new law and regulations might become inhospitable toward the services that Netflix provides.  Having a network which Netflix can totally rely on to deliver contents is probably invaluable to Netflix’s future.

I think Netflix is heading in the right direction by providing Netflix original shows.  I do not know how much I’ll like or hate Netflix’s Lilyhammer show, but I know I’m still waiting for Netflix’s the House of Cards.  If I’m right, Netflix might air the House of Cards in late of this year.  Check out Lilyhammer trailer right after the break.


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