Microsoft Releases New Xbox Live Tomorrow, Promises Better Voice Control, New Features, And More Contents

Tech and gaming communities are buzzing with excitements on Microsoft Xbox Live’s new update which will be released by tomorrow.  It is being reported that Microsoft’s new Xbox Live will have enhanced voice control, Bing integration, mobile app for Windows Phone to act as enhanced remote control, and new contents.  It sounds great and all, but I think there is a but for me.

The but is about how Xbox users have to pay $60 annual fee for Gold Membership.  Without Gold Membership, Xbox users cannot even watch Netflix which they have already paid for anyhow.  Playstation 3 is different in this regard as in how Playstation users can watch Netflix through Playstation 3 without needing to pay anything.  In the end, as I do not care to purchase or waste a $60 for a Gold Membership, I think Xbox users who are in the same boat as me will excite little over the new Xbox Live.

Remember, even right after you pay for $60 Gold Membership, you still have to pay for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Verizon FiOS, and others before you can actually get to enjoy the contents.  The reasons for people to cut TV cord is not that they only want TV on demand, but they are interested in cost cutting, enjoying better TV experience, and then cost cutting.  I think Xbox Live has to rethink on how to help Xbox users save costs without sacrificing great contents, otherwise I think just subscribing to one awesome service such as Netlfix and stream it over computers will be just as great.


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