iTunes Match Goes Live, Will You Be So Interested?

Apple Inc.iTunes Match just goes live today!  You can now pay $24.99 to have Apple matches any song you have in your iTunes near instantly.  This sort of how Apple cooks up deals with the music industry so things will be more profitable and less costly for all.  Might this be how users will be able to gain new songs without actually paying for each song?  Well, sort of anyway right?  In reality, if you infinitely divide the total of however many years you will be subscribed to iTunes Match by the price of $24.99, you will still have an ever smaller and ongoing decreasing price per song.

To be clear, I’m not condoning the act of stealing songs so iTunes Match will be profitable for the users.  I just merely pointing out the possibility of how iTunes Match could be used in such a way.

Before subscribing to iTunes Match, you must upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.  The latest version of iTunes is 10.5.1 and it’s out right now.  After the upgrade of iTunes, you will see iTunes Match link under the Store section within iTunes.  Click on the link will show you a page where you can begin to subscribe to iTunes Match.


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