How To Enable Dynamic Firewall On Fedora 16

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The developers behind a Linux distribution known as Fedora have been working on a new type of firewall system known as Dynamic Firewall.  Since Fedora 15, users could install Dynamic Firewall.  It’s kind of a disappointment for me to see the latest Fedora 16 isn’t yet shipped with the Dynamic Firewall.  Nonetheless, as how Fedora 15 was, users can still install Dynamic Firewall with Fedora 16.

For your information, Fedora 16 isn’t enabling any firewall by default.  Yes, Fedora 16 is still shipping with the traditional IPTables firewall system.  The question is, why users want to use Fedora’s Dynamic Firewall over the traditional IPTables type of firewall?  It’s because Dynamic Firewall is somewhat smarter.

I’d made a video which shows you how to disable the traditional firewall, enable the Dynamic Firewall, and how to revert back to the traditional firewall from Dynamic Firewall.  The video also points out why and how Dynamic Firewall is smarter than the traditional firewall (i.e., IPTables).  You can check out the video right after the break.

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