Republic Wireless Offers $19 Unlimited Wireless Plan Per Month

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I can’t help myself for feeling giddy.  Republic Wireless has the best wireless deal in town?  I’ve never heard of Republic Wireless till today, because I’ve never read or heard anybody talks about them before.  I would have care less about Republic Wireless if they haven’t announced that they’re offering unlimited wireless plan for $19 per month.  Wait, what are the catches?

It seems that Republic Wireless relies on the probability of not everyone will hog the wireless network, therefore it would be OK for them to allow a Hybrid Calling technology where smartphones will hog WiFi network whenever WiFi is available.  This is one of the catches of Republic Wireless’s $19/month unlimited wireless plan.  This catch goes on dictating how users cannot abuse the wireless network.  Repeated abusers will be booted out of the wireless network or the service altogether.

So, how much bandwidth can one use on Republic Wireless’s wireless network?  Republic Wireless at now allows 400 minutes of talk, 600 MB of data, and 200 texts for each month.  In my opinion, WiFi does make a big different!  To tell the truth, 400 minutes of talk, 600 MB of data, and 200 texts for each month on wireless network seems to be very stingy.  It’s more of like for emergency usage.  With that being said, I don’t mind to piggyback ride my WiFi network for calling someone or surfing the web or send text messages at all.

Republic Wireless hints that they might roll out an application that will allow different types of smartphones to use their Hybrid Calling technology.  For now, it’s only possible for certain specific modified Android smartphones to tap into their Hybrid Calling technology.  It’s unclear to me what Android smartphones would that be!


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