Another Net Neutrality Scare?

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I had heard a very smart person said this once, “Everything comes down to finance!”  Is that true?  Sure!  One can just take a look at a situation of an unknown writer.  He/she has to eat somehow, and his/her writing materials need to be published and brought in certain revenue or else there won’t be enough foods to fill a kitchen table.

The same goes for the Internet.  No matter how elusive the Internet appears, it still comes down to finance.  This is why net neutrality might not survive or might survive in only a comical form.  Net neutrality does not serve some big corporates and political parties well.  These entities might want to have more control over the Internet so it can be easily manipulated at will.  With net neutrality’s sensible regulations, certain situations at hand might be jeopardized, especially something has to do with financial matter.  The bottom line is utmost important to the people who care not for net neutrality.  Of course, we’re talking of a net neutrality that favors the small guys the same way it favors the big guys.

I’m not an expert on net neutrality at all.  In fact, I don’t know much about net neutrality, but I do know that net neutrality intends to treat all contents on the Internet equally.  By this, I mean the contents from a big corporation are not anymore important than the contents that I’m producing now in the context of making the contents available for the mass consumption.  This is so important for the open Internet, because nobody can unfairly have advantages in the presentations of certain contents.

Just imagine net neutrality works against the open Internet somehow and allows cable companies to throttle Netflix‘s Internet traffic, this would definitely work against the consumers and Netflix.  The consumers will not be able to use Netflix efficiently, and Netflix will not be able to stream movies at recommending data speeds which might prompt customers to look elsewhere for entertainments.  Consumers have less choices in entertainments, and Netflix will not be in business for long.  OK, this scenario is only hypothetical for now, but how do we know it isn’t so in the future?

This is why I think net neutrality should not give even one inch to whoever and whatever entity that want to manipulate net neutrality unfairly or destroy net neutrality’s most sensible form.  Well, it seems net neutrality is now under attack while we speak.  Huffingtonpost’s article “Net Neutrality Is Under Attack… Again,” points out that some politicians are working to manipulate net neutrality to favor big companies only.  Of course, I’m not going into the details, because you can read the article for yourself.


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