Internally Better, Yet iPhone 4S Might Fall Short In Convincing iPhone Users To Upgrade. What About Siri?

It’s reported that iPhone 4S is failing to capture the excitement as iPhone 4 had, because it’s not that different than iPhone 4.  People complain that what is the point of upgrading to iPhone 4S since iPhone 4 will have the same software upgrade which is iOS 5.  I guess, faster processor and sharper image and better camera will not be enough to woo people to upgrade to iPhone 4S, because the price too of iPhone 4S will not be cheap.  People who are thinking of getting iPhone might also go for iPhone 4 instead of iPhone 4S, because iPhone 4 is not far behind iPhone 4S in tern of performance — saving money for not getting a more expensive iPhone 4S and yet they can upgrade to the features of iPhone 4S (i.e., iOS 5 will also work on iPhone 4).

iPhone 4S will be officially made available on October 14.  Apple’s stock is falling even right on the day that iPhone 4S was announced.  Usually, the opposite had happened in term of stock market, because traders and investors know that Apple is dominating the smartphone market.

Enough with the gloomy and negative news of why Apple’s new product announcement has failed to capture the hearts of more people, let talk about the excitement of artificial intelligence feature, Siri, which will be made available through iOS 5.  Siri will allow iPhone users to ask questions in natural way as if you ask a friend for a favor, and through iPhone Siri will answer your questions.  Siri can do more than just answer questions — iPhone users can have Siri set up alarm schedules, find a restaurant in town (Siri will sort out the best available restaurants), and so on.

iOS 5 looks so promising already even without Siri, but with Siri it’s like iOS 5 on steroid.  I’ve to say I can’t wait to test out Siri when iOS 5 officially makes its presence known for the mass.  Still, with iOS 5, people might not upgrade to iPhone 4S, because iPhone 4 will be able to use iOS 5 too.  People might be saving their money for iPhone 5 which might be released sometimes soon right after iPhone 4S.  How soon?  This is not yet known, but I doubt that iPhone users have to wait more than a year for iPhone 5 to come out.

In conclusion, iPhone 4S isn’t different in fashion, but it’s stronger and better as it now has faster processor, sharper image, and better camera.  People might not go for iPhone 4S since iPhone 5 might come out just as soon.  iPhone 5 might take on different design and equip with more features than iPhone 4S, therefore people might rather wait than rush to buy iPhone 4S.  iPhone 4 is just as powerful as iPhone 4S, because iOS 5 will work on iPhone 4 — another reason why people might just wait for iPhone 5.  iOS 5 is impressive, and Siri will get people to love iOS 5 even more, but iOS 5 might fall short in convincing iPhone users to upgrade to iPhone 4S unless there will be a clear difference in term of performance when using iOS 5 on iPhone 4 and 4S; of course, expecting that iPhone 4S to outperform iPhone 4.



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