Walmart And T-Mobile Offers No-Contract $30 Mobile Phone Plans With Unlimited 4G Data; You Down With This?

According to PCWorld’s article Walmart and T-Mobile to Sell No-Contract $30 Mobile Phone Plans With “Unlimited” 4G Data, it seems this is a sweet deal for people who want to watch Netflix on their smartphones.  Now, why don’t they combine that with iPhone 4 and 5 for an even better plan/deal?  Sure, Walmart is a brand that promotes affordable everything to customers, but such a deal for iPhone 4 and 5 might trump a reasonable assessment of affordability, right?



Innovatio Sues WiFi Users On Patent Infringement, But The Company Only Goes After Hotels And Coffee Shops For Now; Technically, All WiFi Users Such As You Are Liable?

Somehow, Innovatio is able to go on a rampage of suing anyone who is using WiFi for infringing on certain patents that they had just recently acquired from Broadcom Corporation.  Innovatio for now says they won’t set sight on everyday users yet, because they are going after hotels and coffee shops and other bigger entities that are using WiFi without the approvals of some sorts from Innovatio.  Cisco Systems and Motorola Solutions, Inc. ask the Delaware federal court to declare the patents Innovatio had that are in relation to WiFi as invalid patents.

Even a tiny possibility that Innovatio might get its way of declaring that everyone who has WiFi is infringing on its patents, you and I will be liable to certain penalties.  Imagine how many people like you and I are using WiFi as we speak!  How about the people from all over the world!  This makes me wonder — Can U.S. patents in relation to WiFi command any dictation over the WiFi usage outside of the United States?  You know?

If patents of WiFi that cannot dictate certain terms for the rest of the world but only within U.S., and yet WiFi is so widely use that one can make an analogy of it to utility, isn’t this unfair for the WiFi users within the U.S.?  Can that point alone make the idea of having patent on something as utility as purely impractical and will lead to chaos within the information industry?  Can that point alone justify the idea of having patents for WiFi — which parallels to how Cisco Systems and Motorola Solutions, Inc.’s calling for Delaware federal court to declare Innovatio’s WiFi patents to be invalid — to be abolished?

I think this case of Innovatio’s rampage on demanding for compensations on WiFi’s patents might fervently bring forth some of those mystical patent arguments, whether that be the arguments of patents on innovations that can be categorized as utility type or on something else which isn’t yet clearly defined at this point in time.  I’m certainly not in any position to argue on patents of anything, because I have no experience in this particular field at all.  Nonetheless, using common sense, I think WiFi users should not bear even the slightest responsibility of compensating for the infringement of WiFi patents, because after all users have had actually paid for WiFi products — agreeing that the makers of WiFi routers and so on to already price in the costs of patent licensing.  I insist that this is absurd and beyond my common sense!  What do you think?


Yahoo And ABC News Partners Up Long Term, Delivering First Collaborative Project As In Interviewing President Obama At 2:35 PM ET

ABC News is a traditional news company that yearns for an evolution so it won’t be left behind in the brave new world as we know it as the world wide web.  Yahoo on the other hand was among the coolest Web 1.0 startups, and now it has become Web 2.0 giant among giants of Web 2.0; unfortunately, Yahoo has been on a decline in terms of innovation and bottom line.  The two have decided to team up together to improve themselves in terms of coolness, relevancy, innovation and bottom line.  According to Forbes, Yahoo provides reach and ABC News provide contents — I guess both have to work on coolness and the rest!

Right after their announcement of partnership, Yahoo and ABC News announce that they will host an interview with president Obama which will make to be available on the websites of Yahoo News and ABC News.  The program will air at 2:35 PM ET.  You can actually submit questions that you want to ask of president Obama to Yahoo right now.  Yahoo will pick appropriate questions to ask president Obama when the show goes live.

What your opinion on Yahoo-ABC News partnership?  Do you think they will bring coolness to the next level?  Will these two will be able to become more relevant as Web 2.0 goes away gradually and Web 3.0 arrives meticulously?

Curious about Web 3.0?  I find article “How Web 3.0 Will Work” to be interesting, because I believe that the line between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is rather blurry unless there will be innovations that surely define what is and what is not makes Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.  Of course, you can also care not for labels, and just say it is now that is more interesting than ever.

So, instead each tries to proceed with one’s own evolution, each has decided to join force and start a revolution together!  In conclusion, it will be interesting to see how Yahoo and ABC News work together.  Unfortunately, there is one looming rumor that may worry Yahoo users, and the rumor is about how Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, wants to buy the whole Yahoo.  If the rumor is true and if the event has the potential to be fully realized, it will be even more interesting to see how ABC News will cope with such change.


Tesla Newest Electric Model S Shames Oil Industry

According to Yahoo’s article “Tesla Model S Will Be Faster Than A Porsche 911,” oil companies don’t want to let everyone knows electric car works more efficient and runs faster than regular car, but Tesla’s newest yet electric Model S has proved otherwise by running faster than a Porsche 911.  Tesla claims its newest yet Model S can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.  If this is all true, Tesla has just shamed the oil industry!


Basic Mac Tutorial (Video)

I’ve heard some Windows users who complain how hard Mac is for them, and so I made a Basic Mac Tutorial video to give these folks a head start on how to use Mac.  Basically, Mac isn’t Windows, because Mac is Mac.  It’s not that hard to use Mac, because Mac is like something new that you just have to take time to learn and get to know it well.  Anyway, you can check out the Basic Mac Tutorial video right after the break.  Enjoy!