$5000 Question, What About Amazon Mobile Silk Browser’s Privacy?

Amazon introduces mobile web browser Silk to Kindle Fire and claims that this browser will be the first to use the power of the cloud servers to speed up the loading of mobile contents and improve the performances overall.  It sounds great and all, but if Amazon’s intention is to make its cloud servers as proxy/caching sorts of service, then would one has to sacrifice some major privacy in term of web browsing?  For an instance, if one wants to browse anywhere on the web using Silk browser, it’s obviously that Amazon will definitely know one’s favorite web locations, first ever visited web locations, and so on?  Amazon can use these data then to attract users to all sorts of advertisements and products.

Although one has to worry about privacy, but then one might like to trade privacy for security.  In my opinion, Amazon definitely can improve the security of web browsing for Silk browser, because Amazon’s cloud servers are the powerful middleman that caches and processes and optimizes contents for users before the optimizations of everything get push through Amazon’s network and back onto users’ Kindle Fire.  To make this clearer, Amazon can intercept everything and then make sure that everything is safe before passing on to the customers — example would be scanning a piece of contents for viruses and malware before a customer download it.  $5000 question is that will customer sacrifice privacy for security and performances?

Anyhow, check out the video right after the break to know more of the mechanics of Amazon’s Silk browser.

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