Futuristic Electric Motorcycle Known As Electric Tron Lightcycle Turns Heads

I know next to nothing about Tron (i.e., the movie) and its cult status, but a new Electric Tron Lightcycle is sure to be an ultimate ride for Tron’s fans.  OK, I admit, even people who don’t like Tron (i.e., the movie), they may still want to have a test drive on this sexy beast anyway.  Let talk about fashion.  The fashion is so futuristic and cool, but whoever drives this sexy beast definitely has to know he or she is doing yoga while driving.  For people who feel extremely uncomfortable in positions other than upright, this sexy beast is going to sweat these folks out for sure.

According to Gizmag.com, Electric Tron Lightcycle packs with 96 volt electric motor and lithium ion battery pack.  Cool but not practical since it’s taking a whopping 35 minutes to be recharged fully, and each charge has only 100 mile range.  Oh, by the way, riding this sexy beast at night will hypnotize people with its neon light body, that’s if the rider turns on the light on the sides.  Check  out the video right after the break to see Electric Tron Lightcycle in action.

Source:  http://www.gizmag.com/electric-lightcycle-parker-brothers/19897/

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