Can Broadband Power Clean Energy Future?

Can broadband power a clean energy future for United States?  According to Huffingtonpost’s article “Broadband Can Power Clean Energy Future,” a new report, Building a 21st Century Communications Economy, suggests that the more people are connecting to broadband the better it’s for a country in terms of economy and environmental benefits.  Several good examples are people shop online, go paperless billing, work at home, teleconference rather than driving to meetings, and so on.

I don’t know the factual statistic of the claim from Building a 21st Century Communications Economy report, but I do think having a strong broadband nation will help bring about several benefits in relation to economy and environmental benefits.  With this being said, I’m not sure broadband can be a major catalyst for going green.  People are going to drive more when they feel like it, because people have choices.  Some people won’t do teleconference, because they prefer face to face kind of meetings.  The energy which requires to run the foundations of broadband and information industry might not be small in energy footprint.

Nonetheless, I think faster and stronger broadband can somewhat be a boon to an economy.  Faster and stronger broadband certainly will encourage innovation in information field, ultimately might bring about a stronger economy; nothing is certain though since an overall economy depends on many more factors than just having a strong information industry (e.g., export, import).  With a stronger economy, a country then can easily spend some money in researching ways to bring about the environmental benefits (i.e., creating a greener economy).  But, nothing is certain!

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