GeekTool To Beautify Mac’s Desktops In Meaningful Ways

GeekTool is a free app that you can find on Apple’s App Store, and it’s not that hard to use as some people have suggested.  The app aids Mac users to beautify their desktops.  The best part is that stuffs that you add to your desktops through this app can be dynamic.  Nonetheless, you need to use codes to add some of the stuffs onto your desktops such as time and date and calendar and so on.  Adding images is much easier though!  I’ve found a cool video on YouTube that shows you how to add times and dates onto your Mac’s desktops using GeekTool, and you can check out the video right after the break.

Here are the four links that might be helpful to you in the quest of using GeekTool to beautify your desktops in meaningful ways:

Tip:  Don’t forget to edit the refresh time for your dynamic code.  For an example, if you add the time code, then you want your time to be updated on your desktop dynamically each 25 seconds or so, right?  Or else, you will see a static time which will display the old time and will not be updated with the changed time.

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