Spotify Rocks My World

Spotify rocks my world!  Too bad, there isn’t a Spotify app for iPad yet.  Fortunately, Spotify has an app for iPhone which I can pull music tracks wirelessly from the Spotify app on my Macbook Pro.  Spotify allows you to play music tracks offline without using the Internet on your iPhone and other smartphones too.  It seems users can only play music offline and browse Spotify online music library if they are subscribing to $9.99 Spotify Premium plan.

Within Spotify app for Macbook Pro (probably the same for Windows too if I’m not wrong), you can create new playlists, add new music tracks from your favorite artists to the playlists, play music tracks from online music library, play music tracks in playlists, and other features that I may not yet familiar with yet.  The playlists that you had created and the music tracks that you had added to playlists were automatically appeared on smartphones’ Spotify app too.

So far I’d only created one playlist named Poppings which contains Michael Jackson’s songs, Eminem’s songs, Nicki Minaj’s songs, Lil Wayne’s songs, Far East Movement’s songs, Shakira’s songs, Britney Spears’ songs, Katy Perry’s songs, Jennifer Lopez’s songs, Gorillaz’s songs, Black Eyed Peas’ songs, Snoop Dogg’s songs, and Natasha Bedingfield’s songs.  I’m sure giving me time, I’ll have much more artists and their songs on my playlists.

I like to think Spotify as Netflix for music.  The monthly price is very affordable, because you can play so many music tracks for one flat fee/month.  Nonetheless, when Boinc goes live, it can give Spotify the run for their money, because Boinc promises that users only have to subscribe once and get access to the largest music library forever.  Unfortunately, Boinc isn’t yet made clear how much a one time subscription fee would be, and Boinc isn’t yet live (i.e., still in beta/invite stage) — this is why I’m with Spotify right now.  At the moment though, Spotify has to be the best streaming music service in the world, unless I’ve missed something that is better!

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