Cisco Visualizations Of The Past And Future Internet, Your Internet Bubbles

Using charts and videos to make the visualizations of the Internet clearer, Cisco visualizes what Internet will be in years into the future and recaptures moments of our Internet pasts to let us see how far we have came (i.e., living within our Internet bubbles).  Cisco visualizes that videos over the Internet will exploded even more in years to come.  It makes you feel that the traditional TV may have to go the way of dinosaurs.  Cisco claims that since 2008, number of things that connected to Internet were bigger than the entire earth’s population.  Cisco visualizes that things will ever be more interconnected than ever, ever before.  This is why Cisco goes ahead and visualizes data volume will explode like crazy.  So much more stuffs are presenting in pretty graphics and colors and moving pictures (i.e., videos) at Cisco Visualizations page.

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