Google Patches 11 Security Flaws By Releasing Chrome 13.0.782.215

In case you have missed the news, Google has released newer version of its Chrome browser to 13.0.782.215 which addresses 11 security vulnerabilities.  Some Mac users might not be able to upgrade since an unknown bug which prevents users from update Chrome and complains that users don’t have sufficient permission to do so.  Don’t sweat, just drag the old Chrome app/folder in application folder to Trash.  Become root and change the permission of Chrome app/folder inside Trash to the specific user that you want to use to trash the Chrome folder/app.  Use that very user to trash the Chrome folder/app inside Trash.  Now, you can install newer version of Chrome onto your Mac.  Windows users should not have any problem in upgrading to newer Chrome version.  You can check out MSNBC article “Google updates Chrome, fixes 11 flaws” to read on what sort of security flaws that the previous Chrome version had.

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