Apple’s Mac OS 10.7.1 Update Fixed Black Screen Of Death For Me, It Isn’t So For Some People Though

Update:  OK, I spoke too soon about not getting black screen of death with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1.  In fact, I can now duplicate the black screen of death whenever I try to play a video with QuickTime player.  Luckily, I had enabled my machine to auto reboot whenever a crash or black screen of death occur, or else I’d to do a hard boot which would be sucky sucky.  So, the conclusion is that even with Mac OS X Lion latest update patch of 10.7.1., black screen of death is still a frequent occurrence.

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I hope I’m not speaking too soon about how my MacBook Pro seems to work OK after I’d updated to Mac OS 10.7.1.  When Apple first released Mac OS 10.7 (i.e., Mac OS X Lion), my MacBook Pro appeared to be very unstable as it froze and crashed on me so often that I feared to even turn on the darn laptop.  Mac OS 10.7.1 seemed to do the trick for me since I’d not experienced any freeze or crash even though I played heavily with Mission Control and Launchpad.  Unfortunately, some people are still having black screen of death and freezes and crashes even though they had updated to Mac OS 10.7.1.

Perhaps, my decision of cleanly installed Snow Leopard, updated Snow Leopard to the latest software updates so updating to Lion would be smoother, updated to Lion, and updated Lion with latest software updates has made my MacBook Pro runs so stable now.  People who are still experiencing black screen of death and freezes and crashes may want to try to back up their files and do what I’d done above to see if they can too have their Macs run smoother.  For your information, you can also check out the very long discussion thread on how Mac OS Lion had randomly crashed so many MacBook Pros here; this specific discussion thread at Apple’s forum is now up to 60 page long.

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