Measuring The Effect Of The Inevitable Won’t Help Cable Industry Wins Back TV Cord-Cutters

Instead of finishing reading the article “TV Cord-Cutters: Who You Are And Why You Scare Bigwigs” on Forbes, impatiently I’m writing this article here to simply point out that there might be time still for Cable and similar industry to rebuild their foundations — that’s, rebuilding their backbone networks such as making a transition from cable to Internet TV.  Sure, the upfront cost might be outrageous, but in the end they can survive the dramatic changes in their industry.

We can take a look at Blockbuster to see that professing to an outdated business model can bring about a death knell to a business/industry.  Blockbuster failed to catch the trend and had allowed Netflix to accelerate its downfall (i.e., Blockbuster was sold to Dish Network through auction for less).  Netflix had never considered the video rental stores’ business model as it went ahead to send DVDs through mail and now stream videos through Internet.



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