China’s Driverless Car Doesn’t Need GPS

If the facts are corrected, then China is now officially competing against Google in designing and producing driverless cars.  Without using GPS, China’s driverless car navigated China’s expressway which links Changsha and Wuhan successfully.  It’s not clear just yet, but it seems that China’s driverless car relies on artificial intelligence since the computer brains in the trunk of China’s driverless car decides everything.  It was smart enough to avoid obstacles and other cars by using its sensors and lasers.

According to China Daily, China’s driverless car was tested in difficult conditions such as fog and thundershower and unclear lane markings.  The test shown that China’s driverless car overtook human drivers 67 times and was able to cope with humans’ driving behaviors such as abrupt lane changes.  Perhaps, adding GPS capability to China’s driverless car will make it one of the first driverless cars to be smart and safe at the same time?



Hypothetically Brain Dead World

I’m wondering, if one day everything is inside the cloud and the cloud goes poof at a hypothetical time/period where children abandon science and math and old folks aren’t keened in teaching the youngsters those necessary skills such as electrical engineering — let assume everything will be a black box and physical books were no longer available but the cloud could not be saved from data corruption — will we be reversed back in times to live in an age that can be said to be similar to ages before advance technology?  Can a brain dead event with magnitude of a global scale occur, if ever?  I think it will be a cool idea for a movie, I guess.