VPN Can Add Extra Layer Of Defense To HTTPS

Yesterday, I’d written about OpenVPN and how awesome OpenVPN’s Shield Exchange could protect you while surfing public Internet connection (i.e., hotspots), but some of you may want to ask is it necessary to use VPN type of connection even though the websites you’re visiting have already applied HTTPS protocol?  The answer is VPN type of connection will provide another layer of defense for your sessions.  HTTPS will secure your web sessions by providing its unique encryption algorithm, but HTTPS is crackable by some hackers.  When you add an extra layer of defense through the use of VPN connection, suddenly your Internet session will be way more secure; as if you’re encrypting your sessions twice, and VPN has its own unique encryption algorithm which differs from HTTPS.

Also, the big difference between HTTPS and VPN is that HTTPS requires website owners to buy SSL certificates, but VPN is initiating by users.  Perhaps, you might not want somebody to sniff the data that you try to download from your home’s network while you’re sitting at Starbucks, and so VPN is a perfect type of secure network connection.  As long you get a VPN connection going, you can basically forget about it and surf anywhere on the web and transferring any data across the network to wherever, knowing that your sessions will be secure and encrypted anyway.  So, I’ve to say I prefer VPN sort of connection when I’ve to use a public Internet connection.  Plus, VPN is additional layer to HTTPS connection/protocol.

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