Super Cool As In Awesome Man, Airport Automatons Carry Passengers On Demand Basis

The future is already here, well not quite but somewhat inspirational, I think!  According to Gizmodo, automatons with futuristic aesthetic have zipped around Heathrow airport since April this year, and passengers can use them on demand basis.  So, by staring at the image of these vehicles (image could be found on Gizmodo’s article “Alien-Looking Automatons Have Taken Over Heathrow Airport“), I think I’d seen them before.  No, I’d never been to Heathrow airport so I could never have been on one of these futuristic vehicles.  Perhaps, in one of those science fiction movies I’d watched that these automatons reminded me of something similar.  Anyhow, Gizmodo has that these futuristic airport vehicles are known as Ultra PRTs and the creator of these awesome futuristic vehicles is BAA.  Hmm…  wondering if customers have to pay a fare to ride them.  Nonetheless, airport is exciting again for me!  USA needs to get this type of vehicles to our airports already!


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