Scientists Create Primitive Prototype Of Brain!

Artificial intelligence is a holy grail to scientists, because it’s something that allows humans to create machines in their images.  What if humans suddenly possess the knowledge of knowing how to create real intelligence artificially, but they skip the machine altogether and depend on chemicals such as Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) for their artificial intelligence?  In a way, as if humans have the knowledge of how to create real brain, but only through artificial means.  Can we really discern what is natural and real and what is not natural and artificial anymore?  In due time, I think the word artificial will hold less meaning but rather be a categorical label to discern the primitive processes of natural creations versus what aren’t so!

To what benefits we will gain from artificial intelligence?  Even if we can use artificial intelligence to repair a person’s damage brain, we still have to wonder if such a person is that very same person.  Artificial intelligence might be used for military purposes, because once artificial intelligence can be produced in massive scale, it’s obviously cheap to rely on artificial intelligence than to rely on real intelligence in various conditions and circumstances.  Of course, artificial intelligence can be used in constructive ways such as helping to automate tasks for the creators (i.e., humans) in endless ways.  Perhaps, artificial intelligence can be used in ways that we do not come to grasp yet, because it’s still closer to science fiction than reality, right?  Or perhaps, we are mistakenly thinking that artificial intelligence can only be created in a distant future!

What got me so philosophical about artificial intelligence?  It’s because of Engadget’s article “DNA-based artificial neural network is a primitive brain in a test tube (video).”  It’s astounding that there are scientists out there not only contemplating on creating science fiction a reality, but they’re experimenting with futuristic concepts through real experiments such as using strands of DNA to create primitive architecture of what could have been prototype of brain.  Perhaps prototype of human brain?  The videos right after the break will go into how these scientists from Caltech go about in experimenting and creating their primitive prototype of brain in a lab, with equipments, and I think you get the gist!


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