New Updates From Apple In A Span Of Couple Days To Address Issues On Snow Leopard And iOS Devices

Snow Leopard is still getting some love by Apple, and so Apple had already released new update for it even though Lion is Apple’s main focus for now.  You should update your Snow Leopard using Software Update if you haven’t yet done so.

iPad 2 and various other iOS devices are now able to do an update to iOS 4.3.5.  Apple just releases iOS 4.3.5 to fix security vulnerability.  According to MSNBC’s technolog, this new update is addressing a vulnerability where hackers can capture users’ SSL/TLS sessions, consequently allowing hackers to be able to manipulate users’ various web accounts.  Perhaps?  Then again, hackers probably need to know how to decrypt users’ information since SSL/TLS encrypts its sessions.

MSNBC’s technolog also explains that hackers have to be able to compromise your network, whether that be your office or home network, before they can actually apply the man in the middle attack which exploits the SSL/TLS vulnerability that Apple is addressing with its newest update iOS 4.3.5.  Obviously, it’s somewhat harder for hackers to exploit your network if you have an active firewall which guards your router!

Anyhow, you should hook your iPad 2 to your Mac and fire up your iTunes and check to see if your iPad 2 indeed needs an update!  Ain’t it great to see Apple hard at work to make sure her users stay secure?  Now, Apple please, please fix Mac OS X Lion’s black screen for Macbook Pro 2010 and various other bugs that Lion seems to have so headaches and heartaches and hair pulling moments will stop for your loyal fans.


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