What About WordPress 3.2?

Although we are moving away from self-hosted WordPress for EssayBoard.com, but we can’t help to acknowledge that WordPress 3.2 will rock newcomers and veterans alike who take up WordPress as their blog platform.  Even we who are no longer used self-hosted WordPress but using WordPress.com feel that the new WordPress 3.2 is truly awesome.  Of course, the big difference between self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.com is that you have more freedom in customizing your blog, because WordPress.com isn’t that flexible in allowing you to customizing your blog for security reason (i.e., installing plugins).  What else is cool about self-hosted WordPress?  The folks at Automatic.com planned to make WordPress 3.2 way more faster than its predecessors from the beginning.  So, self-hosted WordPress users should feel the improvement in their blog’s loading speed.

Other improvements for WordPress 3.2 are including a refreshing look within admin area, distraction free writing when one creates new blog post in full screen with WordPress, new default theme, automatic update will be faster whenever the next version comes out (i.e., 3.3 or so), requiring higher/newer backend technology such as PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5, and few other minor improvements.

We’ve seen WordPress from a humble beginning to a full blown content management system.  Instead of feeling a slow down in WordPress development process since WordPress is so capable now, we have seen WordPress’s development continues to improve at either constant speed or has sped up — at least that’s how I feel!  Combining with frequent releases of WordPress and easy update process through automatic update/upgrade, I think self-hosted WordPress users have it much easier than any other users from other content management systems.  Even better, if you’re using WordPress.com, you get the feeling of WordPress 3.2 plus less headache from maintaining one’s own servers.

Anyhow, if you’re thinking of creating a blog, I think WordPress 3.2 won’t disappoint you!  Perhaps, you want to take a test on WordPress.com first for getting to know the platform, and then go for gold by hosting your very own WordPress blog on your own server.  Downloading WordPress 3.2 to host on one’s own web server by going to WordPress.org.

Source:  http://wpcandy.com/presents/everything-we-know-about-wordpress-3-2

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