2 thoughts on “How To Activate Auto Login For Windows 7 Professional Or Ultimate Or Enterprise Machine

    • I’m not sure, because I can’t recall that I had ever tested the auto login and enabled the Bitlocker at the same time. I know that though on Mac, when you enable FileVault 2 for Mac OS X Lion, you can’t auto login into Mac OS X Lion. I mention Mac OS X Lion’s FileVault 2 since it’s a comparable feature to Windows 7’s Bitlocker, but FileVault 2 is for Mac only. Anyhow, I surmise that you may have to enter the Bitlocker password/passphrase first to unlock your hard drive before Windows 7 could be started, and so if you’re going the Bitlocker route, I don’t think it’s wise for you to relax on other security measures such as requiring users to log into Windows 7 before users can access their accounts.

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