After Pogoplug Video Debacle, Cloud Engines Wins My Love Again By Releasing Free Software To Turn Everyone’s Hardware Into Nodes Of Their Personal Clouds

Just recently, I was disappointed with Cloud Engines for its Pogoplug Video devices have a tendency of bursting into flames, but I may have to praise Cloud Engines this time for its effort in renewing its commitment to its users by forgoing its defective devices altogether and providing new and awesome solution which is providing a personal cloud without requiring you to buy another hardware at all.  According to ReadWriteWeb’s “Pogoplug Launches Personal Cloud Service – No USB Drive Required,” Cloud Engines provides free software which turns your local computers into servers to be acted together as a personal cloud.  To make your personal cloud available through the Internet, you have to pay $29 fee one time.

I assume if this works out, Cloud Engines can be a very effective competitor against Apple and Amazon and Google and so on.  Nonetheless, I fear that the idea might work only for some people, because many other people prefer Cloud Engines to provide cloud hardware such as Pogoplug device that run quietly and energy efficient.  I don’t think by turning a desktop at home into a node of a personal cloud using Cloud Engines’s software is that energy efficient.  Plus, I’m not that fond with having a desktop to run 24/7 just to satisfy my music addiction.  This is why I think Cloud Engines should also provide new waves of hardware devices that won’t burst into flame, but these devices have to be energy efficient and powerful enough to deliver cloud features!

After saying all of that, as a curious being I’m going to have a lot of fun with turning a computer or a virtual machine into a node of my personal cloud using Cloud Engines’s software.  In the end, it’s great to see Cloud Engines pushes out new solution and revives its commitment to its users.  I’m loving the idea of paying only $29 fee one time to have my personal cloud share with whoever I like across the Internet!  Now, I think Cloud Engines has just win my love again!  So, I don’t recommend you to continue to use Cloud Engines’ defective Pogoplug Video device (i.e., it will burst into flame and burn down your house), but I do recommend you to try out Cloud Engines’s free software that promises to turn all of your computers in a local network into nodes of your very own personal cloud.  I think it’s way cheaper that way than going for any other cloud solution which you probably have to pay for a sizable monthly fee.

(Why Cloud Engine isn’t yet making software which compatibles with Linux?  For now, its software only supports Windows and Mac!)

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