Google Music Beta First Look

As I was about to call it a night since it was around 1:00 a.m., then I could not resist to check my email one last time.  Logging into Gmail, I saw I got an invite from Google to check out Google Music Beta.  Boy oh boy, I could not resist to delay my goodnight sleep for a taste of Google Music Beta, and so I took a whiff at Google Music Beta.  I’ve to say it was well worth it!  Google gave me free songs as I logged into Google Music Beta!  You do have to use the same Google email account that you requested to join Google Music Beta days before, or else you cannot complete your registration with Google Music Beta.

Browsing around Google Music Beta, I suddenly knew why Google Music Beta will not be crushed by Apple’s iCloud!  Why?  It’s because Google Music Beta is a complementary music in the cloud solution to Apple’s iCloud!  First of all, Google Music Beta can import all songs from iTunes!  Second of all, Google Music Beta can import any song on your computer as long you direct Google Music Manager to a specific music folder on your computer (you can add more than one music locations/folders).

Yes, I’d to download Google Music Manger in order for Google Music Beta to locate songs on my computer.  It was a quickie anyway!  I think Google Music Manger supports Windows and Mac, but I don’t know if it supports Linux or not!

Anyway, I digress!  So, back to my point earlier, by using both Google Music Beta and Apple’s iCloud, I can insure myself against a day when one of the services is down!  Just take a look at Sony’s recent dreadful downtime contributed by serious hack attacks!  Besides that, anything can happen to a cloud that may create serious downtime for me to not have access to my music collections, especially them collections reside in a cloud.  Anyhow, you can check out a short video I made on Google Music Beta right after the break!

Google Music Beta is awesome so far, but it still needs to be improved so it can compete against Apple’s soon to be released iCloud and iTunes Match.  Apple has one up on Google as iTunes Match is one awesome service.  Annually, you only have to pay less than $30, and yet you’re able to have Apple matches any song you had ripped from your own CDs or however you’d pirated such songs!  If you’re one of those who do not care about being polite, you can have Apple to match as many songs as you can by paying less than $30 a year.  Ten thousand songs for $30 a year?  Will Apple see this loophole and plug it by limiting certain amount of songs one can ask Apple to match in a year?  Anyhow, iTunes Match is something Google Music Beta needs to do one up.

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