Twitter’s Auto Shortener Capability Is Here To Weed Out Malicious Links In Tweets

Twitter surprised me with its own auto shortener capability which at first I was scared since I had no idea how my already shortened link in a tweet got shortened to something as  I frantically went to Google and searched to see what was going on.  To my relief, I found a page which Twitter had created so it could explain why Twitter automatically shortened links inside tweets, and this very page could be found here >> “About Twitter’s Link Service (”

This is good news.  If I’ve thoroughly understood the explanation of Twitter, its shortener capability is there to protect its users from malicious links such as phishing links.  The fact is that many if not all shortener links can potentially be dangerous.  After all, how do we know some of these shortener links aren’t linked to legitimate sources?  Also, shortener links are hiding the true identity of the true sources by using redirection capability.  Luckily, Twitter provides its own shortener capability which automatically checks for each and every link in tweets to make sure its users are safe from harmful activities.

Let just hope Twitter will be able to discard spam links and harmful links in troves, but hopefully Twitter isn’t making too many mistakes in identifying good links/sources as malicious ones.  I guess, Twitter cares for its users a lot!  So, your tweets are much safer now!  Safer for everyone!  Tweet on folks!

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