Updating Mac Now To Combat MacDefender Malware

It’s so easy to be lazy and forgetful about updating Mac.  Especially, Mac doesn’t throw up a huge alert or anything close to let you know your system isn’t up-to-date.  Well, at the least that is my case.  Luckily, as I browsed through the tech news on the web as usual, a news alerted me that Apple had pushed out an update to combat the fake antivirus malware MacDefender.  After I had updated my Mac, I saw a process known as XProtectUpdater requested my firewall to be connected to Apple.  It was the first time I saw that process, and it probably is something of the new update that I had downloaded from Apple.

Anyway, this process can be called inside a terminal anytime by you by executing the command [/usr/libexec/XProtectUpdater].  I could be wrong, but you have to be either an administrator or root to allow the process to be updated with new signature meta plist.  Try executing /user/libexec/XProtectUpdater as a normal user, you probably see an error says:  Unable to write new signature meta plist.

Anyhow, if you haven’t yet updated your Mac, do it before something nasty might infect your Mac system.  Now we know Mac too is vulnerable to computer viruses and worms and so on!  Some online rumors also say that the fake antivirus malware creator(s) had come out with new methods to sidestep Apple’s effort in protecting Macs.

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