Stream Netflix Instant Movies On iPad 2

I love Netflix, because it’s the cheapest way for you to stream hundreds if not thousands of videos both in high definition and standard formats. Netflix goes one step and beyond, allowing iPad 2 users to download Netflix app. Instead of only be able to instantly streaming Netflix’s movies to PS3 and XBOX 360 and PC and Mac, all that require you to be stationed in one place, I can now instantly streaming many Netflix’s movies on the go with Netflix app on iPad 2.

Netflix app is easy to use and intuitive. It seems Netflix app can only allow you to instantly streaming movies, but you can’t really queue its DVD and Blu-ray to be sent by mail. It makes little sense in this regard, because I think Netflix app should allow you to do everything with Netflix as how you would be able to do so with a regular computer. Additionally, you can add movies into your instant queue, vote how many stars a movie should deserve, search for a movie title, and pick movies on genre. Another shortcoming for Netflix app is not to allow you to write comments for a movie as you should be able to do so on a regular computer.

My experience of watching Netflix’s movies on iPad 2 is not bad, but my gripes against watching movies on a tablet are plenty, and these are the obvious ones too. For examples, screen are too small, bad sound quality without using headphone/earpieces, and so on. Then again, nothing could beat watching Netflix on the go with a tablet, because it is much more convenient to do so on a tablet than on a laptop. What are the conveniences? Faster to boot up the tablet so you can get into Netflix faster. Lighter than a laptop which make a tablet a better electronic companion for on the go kind of situation. Longer battery life than a laptop. And the list goes on…

I’m glad Netflix understands their users by extending the capability of allowing customers to watch movies on the go with Netflix app. What more should Netflix do? They need to allow one Netflix account to be accounted for multiple instant streaming of several devices at once. Many families have members who would like to stream movies all at once. Perhaps mom is riding a public transportation, dad is having a lunch break at his office, and a son stays home — everyone is trying to watch their movie. Netflix app makes it possible to extend the reach of Netflix into many more hands of iPad 2 users, but Netflix needs to make sure it’s also not saddening an iPad customer who finds out that he or she cannot stream a movie not because of a connection problem, but it is a restriction of Netflix in enforcing how many devices belong to an account can stream at once.

In conclusion, Netflix app on iPad 2 does make iPad 2 shines a lot more. There aren’t that many things bad about Netflix app, and most of them contribute to the limited nature of a tablet. A big plus for Netflix app on iPad 2 is that people can stream movies on the go with it. Enjoy the app, because it is FREE. Unfortunately, you must pay a monthly fee for accessing Netflix’s contents. After all, you cannot have too much sweet, or else you get a toothache fast, right?


One thought on “Stream Netflix Instant Movies On iPad 2

  1. If streaming/downloading is the future, this may be the only way to watch films because any screen size of 32 inches or above on a hd tv is going to make streaming quality look even uglier than it is now in my opinion.

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