Brief Look At ThinkPad X220 And Side Note

ThinkPad X220 is pretty innovative!  It allows you to attach a slice battery, a thin external battery dock weighs around one pound, to extend the battery life up to 23 hours per single charge if the internal battery is 9-cell.  You can definitely work on this machine as it has Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz.  Obviously, ThinkPad X220 isn’t the cream of the crop in the laptop world.  Everything about it is pretty standard from 4 GB of RAM to various features.  If you don’t care about the austere look of ThinkPad laptops, then with the price roughly around $1,000, a little more or less, you may probably have find ThinkPad X220 to be a pretty good electronic companion for traveling.  According to’s article here, ThinkPad x220 is available for purchase on April 19th.

Side note:  Even though laptops such as ThinkPad X220 have better battery life nowadays through innovative engineering such as a slice battery dock, I doubt the trend is a positive one.  We all know iPad 2 and future tablets will be a game changer in term of computing.  Tablets are smaller in sizes and weights, but battery life for these devices is just going to be improved evermore.  In fact, without needing external battery dock or case, iPad 2 without 3G has 10 hours of battery life and with 3G has 9 hours of battery life in terms of cranking up processor and everything else up high.  We can expect battery life of many futuristic tablets to last even longer per charge.  The keys to better computing for tomorrow will definitely be smaller sizes, lighter weights, longer battery life, and adequate horsepower in terms of processor handling and graphic processing.


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