Doctors Go Paper-free With Drchrono

iPad and iPad 2 and current tablets and future tablets are taking the idea of information right on your fingertips to the next level.  Well, at least it’s true for doctors, because there is a Drchrono app for iPad where doctors can manage patients’ confidential data in real time.  Doctors can even electronically prescribe medicines to patients using Drchrono.

Imagine all patients’ accurate health data will be readily accessible to all doctors in any given moment at anywhere, how useful and convenient could it be for doctors to treat patients?  Just one tiny worry, since all patients’ health records centralize in this manner, it might allow hackers to be able to gain access to so many patients’ health records at one single moment.  I’m not a doctor, and I’ve no real insight into the security of Drchrono, and so I’m not sure how secure it’s for doctors and patients to rely on the app.  Here is another example of computing security hazard:  A doctor loses his iPad 2, allowing hackers to gain access to health records.

On the positive side, Drchrono is rather a very useful app, because it has a huge potential in helping hospitals and doctors and nurses and patients to manage and update health records better and faster than ever before.


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