Whether You Like It Or Not, You Can Become A Victim Of Identity Theft!

Whether you like it or not, you can become a victim of identity theft.  We’ve so often heard about stories of how hackers deployed botnets to overtake confidential and financial information from databases of various reputable corporations and businesses, but we rarely think twice about such stories as we go on with our daily routines in our lives.  Maybe a few angry, witty self mumbles in relation to “not again” when another hacker story appears, but the cup of coffee is still warmed and so we click the mouse to move on to the next story without caring much for the last.  Why should we right?  The next story is probably even more interesting.  A computer screen changes as the next story with newer images slowly comes into view (freaking 56K Internet connection).  In fact, we should put our coffee cup down and think twice about the hacking story.

Such a story as “U.S. Targets Computer Network Used in ‘Massive’ Hacker Fraud‘ is here to remind us that the businesses that were compromised by these hackers are the ones that have been keeping our precious financial information.  Not everyone of us will be hacked, but some of us will probably have to scramble to figure what credit cards to cancel and much more for these businesses probably have kept our information on their compromised databases.

The problem is that we can only worry about our end, but beyond that we are helpless!  For an instance, the story I’ve mentioned above points out that the hackers behind that massive hacker fraud were in operation for almost a decade.  With that in mind, we now know even the authorities are having problem of catching these hackers fast enough so less damages would have been done to us all.

Should we be evermore careful in dealing with corporations and businesses for fearing of losing our identity and confidential information?  How do we know a multi-billion dollars business will be safer than a store around the corner of the street where some of us stop by so often to shop?  How do we this and that?  The truth is that we don’t know.  Still, it’s better for us to not make the same mistake twice by continue to deal with businesses that are not dedicated enough to protect us from hackers.

In conclusion, the point of having to argue why should we care about a headline that reports on the discover of a huge group of hackers or a massive hacker fraud is that we are helpless bunch.  We can make a difference by telling businesses that we want them to provide the best security measures they can when it comes down to protect us from hackers.  Besides pointing the fingers at businesses, we should look at ourselves ever closer such as how much more paranoid we can be to protect ourselves from hackers.  There are many obvious things we can do to protect ourselves from hackers, but so many of us still foolishly enough to dare surf the web or open up a strange email without a proper firewall and antivirus software.  The point is to give a damn!


One thought on “Whether You Like It Or Not, You Can Become A Victim Of Identity Theft!

  1. I’d like to tell you what, today information should be as easy as tipping fingers and not only your secret vial of the secret information, but the size of your butt could be reaped and spread fast in internet.

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